My Suite

My Suite is a newly built and cozy home, tucked away in a quiet corner of Milos, near the port of Adamas, offering stunning views over the landscape and the harbor of the island. It is well designed, well equipped and decorated in modern Cycladic style. Located on the upper floor, it offers you an amazing view to the sea, especially during sunset time. It comes with a private balcony and a private veranda, both oriented to the Aegean Sea offering view of the city skyline and the sea! The veranda is equipped with an outdoor shower with hot and cold water!

It is ideal for those that seek peace and, at the same time, optimum base point as its central location offers easy access to all North, South, East and West beaches of the island! If you have a vehicle, our private parking area is waiting for you right next to My Suite. The nearest famous beach that worth a visit is Sarakiniko, which is less than 5 minutes driving with vehicle. It is the perfect choice for couples and families as its spacious 50 m2 area can accommodate up to 4 guests.
Relaxing Stay
Thanks to its volcanic origin, Milos offers a colorful landscape and a coastline with more than 75 lacy beaches! The strong volcanic activity that took place, sculptured its landscape with smooth beaches, mesmerizing colored cliffs, rock formations and sea caves. It is the reason that Milos has unique fauna species too. Further on, it has rich history, unique culture and huge tradition. There are much more you can discover and taste!
Milos had slipped under the radar until recently so, it has still kept a wild, authentic side. There are plenty of beaches where you can have more privacy. You may even end up being on your own! It is a dream destination for people who like nature, exploring the outdoors and geotourism ventures. People who like to visit museums, look for artistic events and other cultural activities as well as savor native flavors will love Milos too!